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Whitby Pics

Whitby pics and photos

Pics of Whitby harbour area

pics of beached whitby coble
Photo of beached whitby coble
Pics of Whitby pier
Whitby photo showing pier

A wildly beautiful rugged coastal area with over two and a half miles of uninterrupted golden sand which in high summer is idyllic for holiday makers, and attractive to surfers…

Pics of Whitby harbour and returning please boat
Photograph of Whitby harbour and returning pleasure trip boat

Legends are rife in this area and a short trip along the coast will bring you to Robin Hood Bay where the more notorious trade of smuggling was carried on. This quaint small town has cobbled streets and clusters tiny cottages which have the appearance of being ‘squashed’ into the gap between the sea and steep cliffs.

Pics of Whitby Abbey
Photo of Whitby Abbey


This historic small fishing town of Whitby is part of the Heritage Coast of North East England. It is a place of historical interest and was the home of the most famous 18th century explorer and voyager Captain James Cook. Whitby also has one of the finest examples of Anglo Saxon churches in England as seen above.

You’ll surely enjoy a visit to St.Mary’s church which is magnificently perched at the top of a superb fight of 199 steps. This wonderful church contains many fine examples of early 18th century craftsmanship. The view from the top too is amazing. Take your binoculars and camera with you.