Pet rules in our Cottages

Allowing Pets to stay in our Holiday Cottages


Dear Potential Guest

We, the cottage owners, are pet lovers ourselves. We have kept dogs for more than 50 years now. However, due to some problematic pets, we need to highlight that we do not always allow pets to stay. and so, the guidelines below should be followed by owners

Please don’t be affronted by our instructions! You are no doubt, a responsible owner, sadly, some owners are not!
Please assist us by following the the few reasonable requests below.

  • There are restricted areas and pets are not allowed in bedrooms or on beds 
  • Keep clean the area where your dog eats and clean up any mess immediately
  • Pets are not allowed on furniture, not even on their own blanket which can be impregnated with pet-hair already.
  • Your pet should have its own sleeping basket / blanket / cage / cushion – and placed on the floor.
  • Pets not be left alone or unattended. 
  • Guests are responsible for mess or damage that a pet creates.


We leave a dustpan and brush out and also a vacuum cleaner for guests use regarding hair/mess. Guests can make use of these if need be.

Our guidelines are simply common sense expectations for the benefit of everyone. If you feel that you cannot accept the usual requirements above, regretfully, we would rather you please book elsewhere.

We are very hopeful that we’ll continue allowing your well behaved pets to stay, well into the future, but this depends upon each pet owner’s undertakings to comply.

Many thanks

Mike & Louise
(the owners)