Day Trips from Whitby


whitby aerial tuts
Whitby, aerial photo shown from the sea


If you are going to be doing some travelling around whilst staying at Whitby, you might find the following places worth checking out. Most are seaside locations and a couple are slightly inland from Whitby. They are placed in order of distance from Whitby but with a little planning you should be able to see several of them on the same trip.

Shown, are just a few of the places you can visit, there are plenty more that you’ll find with a bit of web browsing.

Enjoy your stay and your sightseeing.

Don’t forget to keep hold of any Long Stay Parking Tickets/Permits, as these can normally be used again in other long stay carparks in the Scarborough / Whitby areas.

You can buy them in advance from the Tourism Bureau on 01723 383636.
Call them for parking advice.




Only 2.5 miles from Whitby. A nice walk along Whitby beach or just a 5 minute drive away. Some nice pubs serving good food here. If you’re walking via the road and past Whitby Golf Course instead of the beach, call in to the White House pub at the west end of West Cliff. The views outside are fantastic and it’s a great place to sit and eat overlooking miles of sea as you have a meal or a few drinks.


Robin Hoods Bay


Just 6 miles from Whitby, it’s also a nice walk along the cliffs, going east.
If you don’t want to walk back, walk there, have a few pints, be lazy, and bus back to Whitby. It doesn’t cost much at all.


Runswick Bay


Runswick Bay, just 9 miles west of Whitby. Once the best place around to gather Winkles if you like to eat them. A beautiful beach, very scenic and just a mile away from Staithes. Runswick bay is down a step hill but it is worth seeing. There is a pub at both the top and bottom of the bank. Carparking both top and bottom too.




A very picturesque fishing village, Staithes is only 10 miles west of Whitby.
A small selection of pubs and ice cream parlours but well worth a visit




Ravenscar is 14 miles east of Whitby. There’s not a lot there but it has great views. A nice place to take a picnic and get away from it all. Walk down from the top and take a stroll along the usually uncrowded beach.




Scarborough is 20 miles East of Whitby. There’s a lot going on here as it’s a larger town than Whitby. Plenty of bars, restaurants, shopping, Sea-life Centre, harbour, boat trips etc


Cayton Bay


Just 3 miles beyond Scarborough. 23 miles from Whitby.
An unspoilt beach area which is worth visiting when you go to Scarborough.
If it’s warm enough then you might feel like a swim.


Eden Camp

Eden Camp Museum is near to Malton, a market town which is also worth looking around. Malton is about 28 miles in-land, south of Whitby.
At Eden Camp, you can experience the sights, sounds and smells of life on the Home Front and the Front Line, all set in the buildings and grounds of an original World War 2 Prisoner of War Camp. Particularly interesting is the old newspaper Front Pages from every day of WW2. If you know your dates, these are well worth reading or taking a photo of.

The museum trip should easily fill about 3 or 4 hours or so of your day, even more if you are interested in the wars and the past. There is a pub on site and a restaurant too. Well worth visiting and not overpriced by any means.




Redcar is a beach resort 28 miles West of Whitby.
If travelling via the coast road to Redcar, you will also pass by Staithes and also Saltburn to get there. Saltburn is another seaside town having a free pier to walk out on and has numerous cafe’s and fish and chip shops.

Redcar is a medium sized town. The beach area here is approximately 8 miles long in total. The beach stretches from Saltburn Cliffs (seen in the distance), past Marske (another seaside town) and through Redcar, all the way to the River Tees which is a further 4 miles away.

Redcar has varied cuisine restaurants, many pubs, reasonable shopping and several free museums. The Oldest lifeboat in the world, built in 1802 and still intact, is located on Redcar Promenade. The ‘Zetland Lifeboat Museum’ is free to visit.  Kirkleatham Museum, also free, is on the outskirts of Redcar town and once again, it is worth visiting with a great kids play area and free parking.

Close by the museum, just 500 metres away is the newly opened Kirkleatham Walled Garden. The garden changes throughout the growing season with everchanging shrubs, fruit trees and many other well kept plants and water features. There is a small cost to visit the garden but special rates for families or OAPs. There is also a decent Cafe on site which doesn’t charge for access only drinks etc. A nice place to sit outside in good weather.




Another picturesque area of cliffs and beach. Flamborough is 37 miles from Whitby, beyond Cayton Bay, Scarborough and Filey. 


The North Yorkshire Moors


When the weather is good, take a drive onto the moors. You’re now going inland, either west or east, it doesn’t matter. Try driving to the Moors Centre at Danby This is about 16 miles from Whitby, on the Moor Road travelling West. Free entry, kids play area and free seating outside for a picnic etc.

Around this area are the villages of Egton,  Lealholm and Ugthorpe. These all have little country pubs to drop in to and are worth planning into your journey. The Carvery on Sunday at the Black Bull in Ugthorpe is very filling and tasty. Book in advance though!



21 miles inland from Whitby. Packed with popular tourist venues, independent shops and markets and beautiful historic and natural attractions. Pickering is a bustling and vibrant market town set at the edge of the majestic North York Moors. 

Hopefully the information that we have compiled on this page has given you some idea of what’s around the Whitby area? It doesn’t cover everything but it’s a hint of what’s there and what’s going on, all within an hours drive from Whitby. With a bit of luck it should offer you several suggestions to fill your days and to see what’s on nearby…

Enjoy your travels

Mike & Louise