Covid-19 CoronaVirus

CoronaVirus (Covid 19) Policy – UPDATED 18th October 2021

Awd Tuts Cottage & Riverside Cottage update – please read this page fully to the end as booking date restrictions do apply.

These updates to our Terms & Conditions policy will be effective ONLY if Government advocated Covid-19 travel restrictions due to Lock-Downs or Government Tier Levels limit people from travelling unnecessarily beyond their own home OR if Whitby has similar Government restrictions imposed OR if a national Government advised Lock-down is in place OR an applicable ‘No Travel Tier’ exists.
In these instances, we are operating an updated Terms and Conditions which are subject to that stated below.
This Policy is for applicable Lock Downs or Tiers (that directly affect your booking) and not for persons contracting Covid-19.

If your area OR Whitby area is not in Government advocated Lockdown OR a national Government advocated lockdown is NOT in force OR a Government endorsed Applicable Tier Level does not prevent you from travelling then your original break should be taken as normal and our normal terms and conditions will apply to you.

If you start your break at our cottages and a lockdown or a tier change occurs during your stay, which adversely affects your ability to remain in the cottage for the duration booked, your break will be classed as having been taken in this instance as we will already have incurred expenses and cleaning bills..

We advise all travellers who have booked with us that you should not come to our cottages if you are in breach of Government restrictions or any new laws that prohibit your travel or prohibit you staying in our accommodation. It is your responsibility to act responsibly and to make the required checks via the Government website to ensure that you are abiding by the current laws and guidelines.

When applicable Government Lock-Downs and Tier restrictions end, our Covid-19 Terms & Conditions will revert back to the original Terms as specified in the two links below.
The link to Awd Tuts original terms can be found HERE
The link to Riverside Cottage original terms can be found HERE

Options available should a Government Travel restriction or Tier level that affects travel be in force at the time of your stay.

OPTION 1: Is to cancel completely. You will however forfeit 100% of your deposit payment but you will NOW receive back all other monies paid to date.

OPTION 2: We offer you the choice to move your holiday to different dates (costing up to the same price) up to one calendar year from your original booking date. You will not lose any of your deposit or balance in this instance. Any payments already made will be carried over as part/full payment of the new holiday dates. No refunds will be given.
If choosing OPTION 2 we need to be informed before our 21 day ‘Balance Due’ date otherwise OPTION 1 will become the default. Please make a note of your own timescale dates.

If you have already paid your full balance then we will NOW refund the balance or carry over any monies paid to date (minus the applicable deposit options as above) depending on which of the two options you choose.

In the event of further or ongoing lockdowns (applicable only – that affect your booking at the time of travel) –  we will continue to allow the transfer of your original break to a later date. This date can be up to one calendar year from your original reservation date at no extra cost to you.  (this is for a single break, costing the same price, or more than the original booked break. You can also take a single lower priced break for the same number of nights or less however refunds will not be given and any payments already paid will be classed as part or full payment towards your newly transferred dates)

Many regards
Mike and Louise
(The Owners)