Clean-up Deposit


deposit for cottage photo - Awd Tuts Self Catering Holiday Cottage
Refundable damage / clean up deposit

deposit - refundable - Awd Tuts Self Catering Holiday Cottage


On a few ‘high risk’ occasions during the year, an extra £100 ‘Clean up / damage deposit’ is required from you. Only required during the few specified periods or instances shown below:

  1. Goth Weekends
  2. Christmas or New Year periods
  3. Party groups or any group with younger persons in the majority (male or female)


Any excessive cleaning, breakage or tidy up beyond that classed as normal and acceptable will be paid for from this cleanup / damage payment.

At times outside of the above four groups we do not require this extra payment


*If the cottage is left in an acceptable condition we will return the full £100 by
bank transfer to your designated bank account within a couple of days of your departure.